Unlimited commitment
to your health
no minimum period
$149 on ramp program
6 month commitment
to your health
6 month period
$99 on ramp program
12 month commitment
to your health
12 month period
$55 on ramp program


PT Sessions

45 min session- $66
10x sessions- $660 +1x free session 


On Ramp Program

Our “On Ramp” program is designed for anyone looking to join the CrossFit Group Class program, whether you are new to exercise, train every once in a while all the way through to advanced athletes. The course is designed to make you technically sound through all CrossFit movements which is a pre requisite for joining our program. This ensures you will be able to join with a better understanding of body awareness, technique, and know your strengths and limitations. We cover everything from nutrition, through to progressions of all CrossFit movements which include Gymnastics, power lifting, Olympic Weightlifting, rowing and metabolic conditioning

What you will receive during “On Ramp”

-Expert coaching to ensure you have correct technique through all CrossFit Movements

-Education on Nutrition

-Complete understanding of our CrossFit Programming

-An understanding of how your goals will be reached Corrective exercises to increase mobility and joint stabilisation - 

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