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ben tilyBen Tily

While some people believe that getting in shape is all about dumbbells and treadmills, at CrossFit Gosford we understand that for most people, creating life-long physical change is more about lifestyle  than it is about any piece of equipment or any get-skinny-quick 'super diet'.

After working for many years in the fitness industry people often ask me "why CrossFit?" my answer is simple- "I have never seen anything get results like this!!!" I even have a package that GUARANTEES RESULTS to show you how confident I am in the system.


  • Cert III & IV in Fitness.
  • Master Trainer level AIF
  • Punchfit Level 1&2
  • CrossFit Level 1
  • AWF level 1. Club coach
  • Registered Fitness Professional

I believe the keys to long lasting, lifestyle fitness and health lies in making the Human Body work the way it was intended to. This requires looking at the body and mind as a whole not a series of different movements.

My training methods will each u to lift, throw, run, row both safely and effectively. Functional fitness is the Buzz word in the industry and is used far too much. At CrossFit Gosford we pride ourselves on training the body the way it was meant to be which is the definition of functional.
We use Kettle bells, We deadlift, We Run and we sweat! We look at all our clients as Athletes and want them to view themselves the same way. We look after our bodies and we train hard


Ethan Anderson

ethan andersonEthan Anderson is an enthusiastic and approachable CrossFit trainer who loves to see people achieving their fitness goals and strongly believes that anyone can do CrossFit. A competitive athlete himself, Ethan understands how to get the best out of people and appreciates the team environment that CrossFit creates.

Ethan's sporting background has included state level Swimming, high level Rugby League, Touch Football and Soccer. Coupled with strength and conditioning training from an early age, this active lifestyle led Ethan to pursue a career in fitness. Ethan has been a personal and group fitness trainer and more recently, a CrossFit trainer.

Having experienced many forms of strength and conditioning training methods over the years Ethan strongly believes CrossFit to have one of the best and most effective methodologies behind it when trying to achieve functionality and well rounded fitness for people of any age and background.


- CrossFit level 1 Trainer
- CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer
- Cert. 3 in Fitness

CrossFit Gosford is not a gym; CrossFit Gosford is a place to change your body, your attitude, your lifestyle, your habits and your reality.  If you are tired of  almost getting in shape, then CrossFit Gosford is the place for you.

At CrossFit Gosford we have no fashion shows, no contracts, no pressure, no egos and plenty of fun.

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