6 Week Challenge

What is the 6 week challenge?

Fitness is not a pursuit you can complete, it is a commitment to your well being and quality of life that should see you living and enjoying life well into your 90’s.

Far too often in this industry we see people sign up to a gym and within 3 weeks they have lost all motivation and visits become once a month if at all. If this sounds like you...don’t worry, the statistics are not in your favour. In my 10 yr career in the fitness industry I have worked at massive gyms that work of a 14% active member rate. An active member is someone who visits once a month!!! Just once....that left 86% of the members, who pay the same every week, who just do not attend.

Around 7 yrs ago I left the major chain gyms feeling very jaded as all I wanted to do was to help people...to show them that they are capable of living active, healthy lives and enjoying exercise.

Fast forward to today....my gym has active rates in the high 90%. Most members I see 3-4 times a week and I know we are making positive changes in their lives through a proven exercise program and sound nutritional advice.

6 weeks is just the start of your journey....you are going to see some incredible results just by walking in the door 3 times a week and approaching your food the way we advise. This 6 week period will create the habit and lifestyle that will enable you to live the healthy, active life you desire.

I’m excited to see you in the gym and can’t wait to see the results.

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